RegCure PC Optimizer Review

All of us who have owned a computer know about the importance of keeping it clean. There are just hundreds of programs available today able to cover certain needs of each computer. However, it has become very hard to find a good registry cleaner that doesn’t crash, or somehow fails. Not having a registry cleaner can end up slowing down a computer’s system in a high percentage. This happens especially when it comes to computers with internet connection. Those that are not normally connected to the internet are less likely to get saturated registries. However, they do have registries and loose performance due to this.

RegCure has been tested and graded to be a very efficient registry-cleaning program. Some people have never had trouble with their computer’s performance, but for those of us that have had several issues with this aspect, RegCure is probably the best solution.

There is actually a high amount of people that have problems with their computer’s performance, and don’t know why. Some try to scan the system looking for viruses over and over again. However, they don’t see any results on the pc’s performance. If this happens to you, it is very probable that registries are saturated, and that they need to be cleaned.

We did find that the software was a little to CPU-consuming for its task. Some computers seemed to slow down when the software started running. Of course, this happened only with those computers that had a relatively low CPU capacity. PC’s with a good processor had no problems with this program. Other registry cleaners were a little lighter in this aspect. However, they were some of them that were even more CPU-consuming than the RegCure. This program is certainly a good option to try fixing those crashes that seem to be unfixable.


RegCure scans run at a super fast speed and can perform a scan of all its categories within minutes. Very simple to use. Built-In Scheduler.

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