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Solve Firefox Couldn’t Load XPCOM Issue With Our Online Assistance

You can get this Firefox Couldn’t Load XPCOM message while using the browser on your Windows-based PC. Don’t worry if you are experiencing this issue on your device, as fixing this problem is quite an easy job. This XPCOM is basically used as a cross-platform component model in the Mozilla Firefox. So, there can be many underlying reasons with the browser component settings that can cause this loading error. To get a detailed information on this XPCOM issue and its major causes, follow this article. It also covers a few methods to troubleshoot this error in Firefox. So, you can apply these simple fixes and get rid of this XPCOM loading problem on your own.

Know The Reasons Why Firefox Couldn’t Load XPCOM On Your Device:

If the Firefox Couldn’t Load XPCOM, then you must know what are the causes of getting this error. Only then, it will be easier to resolve this Firefox issue with appropriate technical fixes. So, let’s check out the reasons first:-

  • Most of the users who are using Firefox on their Windows-based system are getting this XPCOM error. It occurs when they are trying to open the Firefox browser after applying recent Windows Update. The issue can occur due to bugs that are corrupting the Firefox files in the system.
  • Sometimes after upgrading to Windows 10, many customers are facing this problem due to corrupt registry files. It further leads to preventing XPCOM from loading on Firefox.
  • If your PC is affected by severe malware and virus attacks, it can damage Firefox’s client profile and cause this loading problem.
  • Sometimes, this issue can happen when you install any third-party extension that has compatibility issues with the browser. Hence, it may create problems while interacting with the XPCOM interfaces.

Apply These Quick Fixes If Firefox Can’t Load XPCOM

Whenever you get this error message of Firefox Couldn’t Load XPCOM, you can resolve it yourself by applying these technical fixes. So, check out these simple methods.

Method 1: Open Firefox In Safe Mode And Turn Off Firefox Add-Ons

One of the easiest ways to resolve this XPCOM error is by opening the browser in Safe Mode. To do this, press and hold ‘Shift’ button and access the Firefox application. When the confirmation window appears on your screen, click on  ‘Start in Safe Mode’. If it allows you to open Mozilla Firefox without any loading error, then the issue can be the browser extension. So, if you couldn’t load XPCOM Firefox due to Add-on issue, then disable it immediately. For this step, select ‘Add-ons’ under the Main menu and click on ‘Extensions’. After this, choose the problematic Add-on options and click on ‘Disable’ button to fix the XPCOM loading issue.

Method 2: Restore Firefox To Default Settings

If Firefox Can’t Load XPCOM on your system, then resetting Firefox is the best option. Also, if there are any bugs that can cause this XPCOM problem, then restore default settings for the browser. Hence, you can follow the above method to access the Safe Mode confirmation window and click ‘Refresh Firefox’. This method can eliminate this issue completely by deleting the preferences, extensions, search engine results, plugins etc.

Method 3: Remove Mozilla Firefox And Reinstall It

If restore and opening in Safe Mode option fail, then choose this method to clean uninstall the browser. You can apply this fix by opening the ‘Control Panel’. Then choose the Firefox application, right-click on it and click ‘Uninstall’. To remove Mozilla Firefox completely, you must remove the Mozilla maintenance service files as well. So, locate the program files including the temporary data of Firefox and delete it from your PC.

Contact Us To Fix Firefox XPCOM Issues

So, if the Firefox Couldn’t Load XPCOM properly on Windows-based devices, don’t hesitate to consult our Firefox Tech Support professional. Our experts have a vast knowledge of Firefox errors and can troubleshoot XPCOM loading problem quickly. Hence, if you want reliable solutions to resolve such browser issues, get in touch with our Firefox support team.

To receive technical fixes on Firefox XPCOM error, you can call the executives at our Mozilla Firefox Support Phone Number. If unable to place your service request through a call, then drop an email at our ID. Also, you can log in to Firefox live portal to get instant response from the technicians and resolve Firefox errors.

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