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Solve Firefox Keeps Crashing Error With Simple Hacks From Browser Specialist

You can experience the crash issue in Mozilla Firefox unexpectedly during the startup or while browsing an important page. However, when the issue of Firefox Keeps Crashing occurs continuously on your system, it can be really annoying. It doesn’t even matter if the Firefox is crashing a bit early or later on, but you can fix this issue with the proper technical fixes anytime. So, follow this article if you want to know what causes this browser crash issue and a few quick fixes to troubleshoot them. These methods are so simple that even you can fix your Firefox crashes yourself.

Why The Mozilla Firefox Keeps Crashing On Windows Based Devices?

Your browser can crash when it terminates the session abruptly and quite unexpectedly does so. When it happens in the Firefox, you can see a small window appears on the screen and also has some information. This is basically the Mozilla Crash Reporter that generates the crash issue occurring in the browser. When you click ‘Details’ section, you can get the technical information regarding this crash. Whenever the Mozilla Firefox Keeps Crashing every few minutes, don’t take this problem lightly and look for the reasons behind this issue.

Always know that the Firefox can crash anytime without any warning; however, there are a few ways to fix it. But before going through the solution part, know what are the major causes of browser crashes.

  • The themes and Firefox extensions sometimes don’t work well along with the Operating System in your PC. Hence, it can crash the browser due to incompatibility issues.
  • Sometimes, the Mozilla Firefox browser can have corrupt plugins that disrupt the browsing session and cause this error.
  • If your PC is running any third-party antivirus program that does not support Firefox security certificate. So, it can freeze the pages due to lack of authentication.
  • Defective or outdated graphics driver can be another reason behind getting this browser crash error.
  • If Firefox crashes Windows 10, this issue can take place if the OS is not compatible with the Firefox that you are using.

What Are The Solutions To Fix Firefox Crashing Windows 10 Error?

Many of you may think that when the Mozilla Crash Reporter reports the issue on your screen, the ‘Restart Browser’ can fix this problem. But the truth is, it only removes the crash for the time being, and it’s not even a permanent solution. Chances are there that your browser will crash again if not treated with technical fixes from a Firefox expert. So, if you are annoyed with the problem of Firefox Keeps Crashing in your device, apply the following solutions to resolve this error.

1. Remove Mozilla Firefox Cache

The browser cache will contain details of the saved bookmarks and list of websites you open repeatedly. This cache can get corrupt and cause this browser freeze issue in the system. So, if you want to resolve this crash error and access Firefox without any interruption, then clear browser cache. To do this, go to Firefox ‘Menu icon’ and click on ‘History’ section. There, you can select ‘clear recent history’ and click on it. When you are being prompted to clear everything, select all the checkboxes and click on ‘Clear Now’. To save these browser changes, restart the Firefox client on your device.

2. Open Firefox In Safe Mode

Under normal condition, if the Firefox Crashing Windows 10 occurs, try running it in Safe Mode. On Windows 10, you can access this feature by clicking on ‘Menu’ button and then select ‘Restart with Add-ons Disabled’ under the ‘Help’ section. It will start the Mozilla Firefox in Safe Mode. However, you can also perform this step by pressing ‘Shift’ button when the Firefox starts. In case if this option fails to launch the browser without any crash, then resolve this problem by applying the following solution.

Go to ‘Start Menu’ and press Win+R simultaneously. Then enter “%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Crash Reports\submitted”. Then click ‘OK’ and locate the latest report file that has details on the crash. You can take help from Firefox Tech Support team to analyze Firefox keeps crashing Windows 10 issues and resolve them.

Contact Us To Resolve Firefox Crash Problem

If the Firefox Keeps Crashing even after applying these above fixes, don’t panic. Just contact our Mozilla Firefox Support team and get instant solution to fix this crash problem. To place your order, dial Firefox Customer Support Helpline Number and talk to our executives. You can also receive the details on technical services in your inbox as soon as you notify the browser issue in our email address. For instant chat support from the technician, discuss your Firefox problems on the live portal.


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