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A Comprehensive Guide To Fix ‘Firefox Won’t Open’ Issue

Numerous users report that ‘Firefox won’t’ open after an update. It happens due to an improper update or glitches in its updated version. Firefox not opening is an issue which sometimes occurs after installing the add-ons. Corrupted data, malicious programs, and many other factors create such an annoying situation. Once you come to know about these factors, it will not be too hard for you to solve this issue. It will also help you to take preventive measures to prevent the problem from repeating itself.

Why Firefox Won’t Open?

You may fail to access Firefox due to the following reasons mentioned below.

  • If you have corrupted data in the settings of your computer, it can prevent Windows from opening Firefox.
  • You can face this problem after changing the theme of Firefox.
  • One or more faulty extensions can cause this issue. Similarly, problems in the settings of Firefox extensions also lead to such an issue.
  • Firefox will refuse to open if you have enabled hardware acceleration on your PC. It is because Firefox finds it difficult to display texts or objects.
  • Any malicious application installed on your computer can interrupt the normal working of Firefox.
  • When you change the Windows version or update Windows, it may not support Firefox and cause this problem.

Methods To Fix Why Firefox Won’t Open?

Below we have discussed the most effective and widely used methods to fix such issues.

Turn off hardware acceleration on your system

Click on the ‘Menu’ button and choose ‘Options.’ Now, select the ‘General’ panel and move on to the ‘Performance’ menu. Disable the recommended performance settings to see the additional settings. Then cancel the feature, ‘Use hardware acceleration when available.’ Exit from Firefox and restart it to check whether you can start it as usual or not. If not, then update the Graphics Drivers. If still, the problem persists, then move on to the next solution.

Get back to the default theme

Use this method if you are using a different theme other than the default theme of Firefox. Go to ‘Menu’ and select ‘Add-ons.’ When the ‘Add-ons Manager’ tab open, choose the ‘Themes’ panel. Enable the default theme and restart Firefox to test whether it has resolved the problem or not.

Disable all extensions

Go to ‘Menu’ and click ‘Add-ons’ to open the ‘Add-ons Manager’ tab. From there, tap on the ‘extensions’ panel, and you will get the list of extensions. Then select an extension and disable it. Repeat the step for all extensions to find out the problematic one. Remember to restart your PC after disabling every extension.

Update extension

If you cannot find any problematic extension, then update all of them together. For this, go to ‘Menu’ and choose ‘Add-ons.’ As the ‘Add-ons Manager’ tab opens, select ‘Extension.’ Then click ‘Find Updates’ button to see if updates are available. If you find any such pending updates, then install them. After the installation process is over, restart Firefox.

Check extensions settings

To check whether the extension settings are correct, select ‘Add-ons’ from the ‘Menu’ tab. In the ‘Add-ons Manager’ panel, select ‘Extensions.’ Now if you know the faulty extension, then click ‘Options’ for that extension. Then search for an option to solve the Firefox won’t open issue. If any such option is available, then select and save it. At the end of this process, restart Firefox to check the current status of the problem.

Remove the malicious application

If it seems to you that any unwanted application installed on your PC is responsible for the problem with Firefox, then uninstall it. If you have more than one application, then dispel them individually. Then Change the Windows version.  If you are encountering this issue after shifting to a different version of Window, then go back to the previous version. If the problem continues, then it is better to consult a software specialist.

Obtain An Expert Guidance At Your Desk

If you cannot fix ‘Firefox Won’t Open’ issue, it may delay your vital work. Even if none of the solutions has worked for you, then avail our expertized support. You can connect with us 24*7 and request our service at your doorstep. So to register your Firefox related problem, call us at our Customer Support Number +1 833-462-7683 or shoot an email at our  info@ie10support.info Email ID. Feel free to avail our service at any point in time.

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