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Internet Explorer 10 Issues are not a new thing. We all have been there and done that. But, if not dealt with in time, it can get on your nerves.

Internet Explorer 10 is pretty infamous in the tech community for the glitches it comes with. These problems are a matter of great concern as it takes away the browsing experience from the user.

Depending on what version of Windows you are using, the problems would definitely vary. Check out what these problems are all about.

Internet Explorer 10 Issues – Causes

The Operating System you are currently using is a major contributing factor to all the IE10 issues. A Windows 7 user will have a slightly different set of problems from someone who’s using Windows 8 or 10. Given below is the breakdown of some of these problems based on the Operating System.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is probably one of the most used operating systems on the planet. You are probably using it right now. More on that later, right now let’s see what are the IE10 issues you are likely to encounter.

  • Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working

This is one of the Internet Explorer 10 Issues that is pretty hard to get through. It comes up ever so often whenever you are in the middle of your browsing.

One of the probable cause of such an error can be an outdated Internet Explorer. But, it might not be the case for you. If you are facing this problem on your Windows 10, try out some of the solutions given below.


Update Internet Explorer 10 to it’s the latest version. That way you get all the latest security updates and might just fix the issue at hand.

Remove Temporary IE Files from your browser. It is a good idea because some of those files could be a cause of the trouble.

Reset Internet Explorer to Default Mode, it may just work. If the configuration of IE10 has been changed, this problem is likely to come up.

Reconfigure the IE Registry, because a change in it might be causing this issue.

There you go, these are some of the workarounds you can use to tackle IE01 Issues on your Windows 10. If some of the problems seem too farfetched, you have the option to call Internet Explorer 10 customer support for help.

Windows 8

Windows 8 has had its fair share of problems with Internet Explorer 10. Without wasting much of your time, here are some of them.

  • Security Issues 
  • URL Fails to Redirect


If you are used to having a constant security issue with your Internet Explorer 10. Then try patching your Web Interface sites with some of the trusted sites. This move should eliminate this IE10 issue.

You can fix the URL issue with Internet Explorer by choosing the 32-bit version Internet Explorer as your Default Browser. This is because the 64-bit version is not compatible with Windows 8.

Windows 7

Windows 7 might be old but packs quite a punch. Moving on to the issue at hand, here some of the Internet Explorer 10 Issues you might face on your Windows 10.

  • Internet Explorer 10 Update Error
  • Installation Error


The primary cause of an update issue on IE10 is a malware. Therefore, it would be wise to use a reliable Antivirus to scan your PC for malware and other viruses. If you do happen to find one, remove it, then try updating Internet Explorer 10.

An installation error can come up if the bit is not matched with that of Windows 7. It is advised to use the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer over the 64-bit version.

Find Help

Most of the Internet Explorer 10 issues have been covered above. Therefore, if you are having trouble with any of the above Internet Explorer problems. You can make use of some of the solutions given above.

You also have the option to call Internet Explorer customer support for help. With a 24×7 available service, you can make contact any time you want.

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