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This is certainly one of the most frequently occurring Internet Explorer problems. Your Internet Explorer keeps crashing without prior warning. This is troublesome especially when you manage a large enterprise or heavy workload. Here we brought quick fixes for you to resolve it in no time.

Internet Explorer Closes Unexpectedly

Why Does Internet Explorer Keep Crashing?

We can attribute several reasons as to why this happens. One of the most accepted reason is corrupt system files.

Internet explorer keeps crashing

Certain scripts or basically internet files are downloaded when you surf. They may either be safe or may be corrupted as per the webpage specifications.

Now, this can lead to two situations:

  • If you are using an antivirus, then it detects the unsafe files and blocks them. So, your browser stops working and shuts down automatically.
  • Now, the second reason. Let us consider you do not have any security software on your system. So, all malicious files are downloaded naturally. In fact, they move on to corrupt other web browser files.

As a result, your Internet Explorer keeps crashing without any initial warning.

There is no way, honestly, to stop this background download because this is a natural web process. Therefore, these files keep on accumulating in the temporary folder.

Now, you must be wondering: what if I delete the contents of the temporary folder?”

No, it won’t work because the damage has already been done. However, you can easily eradicate it by other means.

Well, there might be some other reasons also.

Site cookies also have the significant contribution to this error. They store the information of the last internet explorer has stopped workingcrash and continue to send the information each time.


Internet Explorer 10 classic version retained the add-ons and third-party plug-in. It is not necessary that the plug-in you download are all safe.

Now, once a corrupt plug-in has been added to Internet Explorer web browser, it causes a tab to crash. Well, mostly!

Internet Explorer Keeps Crashing – The Solutions

Internet Explorer keeps crashing problem has been reported widely. Over the years, the causes and their best solutions have been identified too.

Fix Corrupt System Files and Delete Cookies

Here is what you can try to fix the corrupted system files. Delete all site cookies and clear the temporary folder.

Furthermore, refresh your website by deleting all your personal data and bit of information you have. No try restarting Internet Explorer 10.

This can really help you to solve Internet Explorer issues.

Disable Antivirus Software

Antivirus programs block malicious files from downloading. So, either your browser doesn’t even open or is crashed.

Internet Explorer Issues

You can disable antivirus settings for this site and check for quarantines. This should help you out.

But as you know this can’t be a permanent solution to your problem. Since disabling your antivirus for a long time can cause your PC to get infected. And that can damage the system permanently.

Better, take help from the experts to solve the issue. Call at the toll-free number+1 833-462-7683

of Internet Explorer Support and find some reliable solution.

Remove Add-ons and Plug-in

I have discussed this factor previously. You can try to check all the plugins you installed. There may be some plug-in which you may find “irrelevant and uncommon”.

Simply uninstall them or update them.

Look For Malware Infection

Malware may cause certain system files to stop working. Continuous surfing may cause the malware infection to spread.

What you can do is carry out a PC scan. It should detect all infected web browser files and delete them. So, your Internet Explorer should work just fine.

These are some of the most generic solutions you can try. Here we have specifically concentrated on quick fixes keeping in mind your urgency.

Speaking of the best way to fix your Internet Explorer issues is to get in touch with the experts. Visit the Internet Explorer Support Page and start chatting with the chat assistants to find the best solution to all your problems.

Have a safe browsing experience with Internet Explorer 10.

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