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Solution Of Script Error In Firefox At Your Fingertips

The script error is one of the most common problems in Firefox. It makes the browser slow and reduces the performance level. Moreover, after a particular time, you won’t be able to work with the Firefox browser without removing the error. Therefore, if you are not a tech-savvy person, then this article will be beneficial for you to fix Script Error In Firefox.

What is Script Error In Firefox?

Firefox shows this unresponsive script error while you are trying to access the web-pages through the Firefox browser. It becomes unresponsive and subsequently informs you that the software which you want to open is already disabled. Then, you will get a warning message, “Unresponsive Script.” This message alerts that the script has ceased functioning. Moreover, the browser will start freezing. Even, sometimes, it crashes frequently.

More On Script Error-Possible Causes

Multiple issues are responsible for this Script Error In Firefox. If you want to resolve at the very beginning of the stage, you need to go through the reasons.

Hardware Acceleration Issue

Sometimes, your device may not support the hardware acceleration of the Firefox. Therefore, you may encounter the Script Error In Firefox.

Add-on Problem

If you use the add-on features which are not used for a long time, it creates a problem in browsing as well as Gmail access. In addition, some of the apps consume more memory space which is responsible for Script Error In Firefox.

Difficulty With Theme

Many times, some of the features are not supporting the existing theme. Therefore, you have to restore the default theme. Otherwise, you won’t be able to work in the Firefox platform.

Sync Problem

A collection of the synchronized items like the running apps opened tabs, history, are responsible for Script Error In Firefox. Therefore, without disabling it, you won’t be able to stop script error messages in Firefox.

How To Stop Script Error Messages In Firefox-Technical Process

There are lots of solutions to fix the script error technically. We are going to discuss some of them. We hope the solutions will be adequate to resolve the Firefox Script problem immediately.

Modify Script Runtime Value

Open the Mozilla Firefox window by tapping the browser icon. After that, you have to type “about config” in the address bar and stroke enters to open the configuration page. Here, you will get a warning message, but you have to ignore it. You need to click the link, “I will be careful, I  promise!” to continue the process. Then, you need to double click on the string named, “dom.max_script_run_time” and replace the value with 20. Finally, press Enter to proceed.

Start Firefox in the Safe Mode

To disable the Add-on feature, you have to turn on the Firefox in Safe mode. So, you may follow the steps below.

Tap the “Firefox” button first and choose the option, “Help.” In this window, you will get the option, “Tools.” Now, choose “Add-on” under it and choose the enabled extensions in your Firefox. After that, hit the “Disable” button to remove them permanently. Then, wait for a few minutes to uninstall it and remove Script Error In Firefox.

Now, restart your system and press F8 from the keyboard immediately after appearing the PC manufacturer’s logo on the screen. Navigate the option, “Safe Mode,” and stroke Enter to open the System in safe mode. Now, open the browser and check if the problem persists.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Fist, click on the Firefox button and choose “Options.” Under it, you will find a tab named, “Advanced.” Under this tab, you will get varieties of options. You need to uncheck the box, “Use hardware acceleration when available.” Finally, close the browser and restart it successfully.

Restore Default Theme

Tap the button, “Firefox” and choose the option, “Add-on.” In this section, you will find another tab, “Appearance.” You need to choose the default theme among all the topics. It will help to restore the default theme in your Firefox browser.

Disable Synchronization in Firefox

Click on the Firefox button and choose, “Options.” Under this section, you need to click on the tab, “Sync” and select all the synchronization features. Here, you will get the apps, installed programs, etc. and choose them to remove. Finally, click on the tab, “Disable” to finish the sync disable process and resolve your troubles regarding How To Stop Script Error Messages In Firefox.

However, we hope this article will be helpful for you to resolve the script error permanently.

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