What kind of headphones should you use?

Headphones are perhaps the most preferred products of the technology world. When you ask yourself the same question, you can answer that dozens of headphones have entered your life. But the situation does not mean that headphones are included in the quickly aging or poor quality product group. Since headphones often accompany us in our daily lives, they can wear out quickly. In fact, the work they have been doing for years is the same, but they have also developed seriously. Moreover, nowadays, it is necessary to use a different headset for each device. Just as an earbud would be funny for a professional home theater system, a professional DJ headset can feel the same for a finger-sized music player. The world of headphones is a topic that needs to be addressed quite widely. We will talk about headphone types throughout our article. We will also consider which headphones should be used and where. We will also discuss the connection types by separating them from wired and wireless. Of course, we will not go without saying the factors that determine the sound quality and what you need to pay attention to in order to make a comfortable choice. If your coffee is ready, let’s start.

Physically headphone types

It is not possible to classify the headphones in terms of design. Although their functions are the same, no brands and models are alike. Moreover, there are thousands of manufacturers that differentiate cables and change colors. Let’s make our classification physically in the first place. The first kind of earbuds we are all familiar with. All earbuds connect to your devices through a 3.5 mm interface. You may also encounter those with 2.5 mm support, but mostly 3.5 mm. They are well suited to use with all your portable devices and on the go. In ancient times there were only headphones that fit inside the ear. Later, those with high bass quality and crown-shaped imprints came to the fore. Today’s trend is the ear canal in the form of plugs. It is necessary to be a little more sensitive about their use because they naturally get dirty. Since the sound is transmitted directly to the ear canal, it is possible to feel the bass produced by the micro-sized drivers in your skull. Therefore, those who seriously care about quality can now turn to plug-type earbuds. You may also come across seriously expensive ones, but you can also get high pleasure from price / performance oriented models. Good research is essential. But no matter what, in-ear models create a feeling of discomfort after a while. If we say that there are no models left in our test center, it is appropriate. And rightfully, manufacturers continue to trend towards on-ear and full-size models as well.

On-ear models are again focused on portable devices. Just as the earbuds can be carried by wrapping, it is possible to encounter foldable models on the ear models. The main purpose of its development is to provide the comfort that plug-in earbuds cannot provide. In fact, it is possible to say that the models that are really high quality are more comfortable than the models that are full size, that is, those that completely contain the auricle. Because full-size ones can sweat after a while and they can look quite remarkable during travel. Full size headphones concern the professional part. We can say that they are invaluable for serious music listeners, music producers or detail lovers. Let’s say you shouldn’t be surprised if you see price tags of a few thousand USD on full size models.

Connection types

Most of the headphones on the market connect to your devices with a 3.5 mm interface. On the high-end full-size models, you can see the 6.3 mm thicker connections especially the headphones for electronic drums. Some models even come with 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm converters. In-ear models with microphones are generally compatible with smartphones, so they can add both headphones and a microphone to your device in a single connection. On the ear or full size models, there is often a second 3.5 mm connection for the microphone. Models with microphones are generally more attractive to computer users. They provide great convenience in voice calls. However, as we have just mentioned, the quality of the headphones consists of hundreds of steps. Today you can buy a headset for even 10 TL, but don’t expect much in terms of music performance and comfort. Prices reach considerable levels in specially designed performance models that are focused on players.

Are wireless headphones better?

Wireless is definitely a precious thing. However, if you ask us how much we love it, our answer will be no. If we can accept a portable wireless headset to be used with our smartphone, unfortunately not at the computer or in front of the television at home. Models developed for portable devices are mainly on the ear. Earbuds are more commonly referred to as Bluetooth headsets and are used only for phone calls. There are also Bluetooth supported music headsets. Since they are music headphones, they rightfully contain large drivers and have to offer satisfactory quality. At the same time, for satisfactory sound quality, the battery should provide at least eight hours of use to save the day. Manufacturers are adjusting the situation, but as we said it is a matter of preference. You can also be very happy with a wired headset, because the wirelessness of the headphones is not like a mouse. They don’t work for three months on a single battery. They run out of charge in eight, or maybe 10 hours.

Versions of wireless headphones developed for home theater support a 3.5 mm connection, so they can be used with a computer. RF connectivity support is available, but they are not efficient. The Bluetooth ones are acceptable, but we still can’t quite like them. Why use a wireless headset at home or on the computer? For us, the lump side is higher than the payoff. We say don’t deal with extra costs for nothing. Most pro-level ones are wired. There are also wireless, of course, but only because of the manufacturers’ desire to be trend followers. Models with USB connection and developed for gamers are acceptable to some extent. Because the players should be in a completely comfortable environment.

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